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Ayurvedic Consultation   Panchakarma
The uniqueness of Ayurveda lies in its non changing and time tested principles. Based on those an Ayurvedic analysis of your concern is done with a thourough diet and lifesttle intake. An individual plan which includes diet and lifestyle changes, herbal recommendations and if needed panchakarma therapies is designed for everyone…
At Shubham Ayurveda we provide with the best authentic way of doing the cleansing. According to your body constitution the type of detaux is selected and is carried out in the authentic way by using formulations from the three main samhitas of Ayurveda. Our unique way of proper preparation for the Panchakarma and proper post procedure care, which is the key in the success of Panchakarma, is our specialty.
Education and Training Programs   Cooking Classes and Lifestyle Coaching
We also offer in depth Ayurvedic training keeping the vision to create more Authentic Ayurvedic practitioners. Click Classical Ayurveda Classroom for more information.
Having a proper diet and life style is a key to maintain your health and prevent many diseases. At Shubham Ayurveda we offer cooking classes and lifestyle guiding seminars for people who want to achieve optimum health.